First-Year Retreat

Beginning in 2015, the Honors Program has implemented a first-year retreat. Our students move in early to embark on our 2 day retreat providing an oppurtunity to create, learn, and explore. The retreat is planned and led by the Honors Leadership Council along with the help of the Honors Program and Housing staff.


    Here is a glace at what we have done in the past:

    • Reception with incoming students, upperclassmen, and Honors Program and Housing staff
    • Break into groups with mentors from the Honors Leadership Council 
    • Embark on tours of campus, to our bookstores, recreation facilities, outdoor spaces, dining halls, and academic buildings, all the while participating in a photo scavenger hunt.
    • Spent the night playing games, movies, and meditating in the Hefner-Armstrong residence halls
    • Woke up early to jog, meditate, or to go back to sleep
    • Ate a catered breakfast with our newly acquainted peers
    • Participate in a number of different activities focused on creating bonds between our incoming students
    • Enjoyed a delightful twist on all of Shakespeare's plays