HP Alumni Spotlight: Alex Berry

Mar 17, 2020

Alex Berry graduated in Spring 2017 with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, as well as with a minor in Technology & Management, and Chinese. Whether you saw Alex being a GT ISYE Ambassador, involved in SGA, or as an Honors Program mentor, he was definitely a familiar face around our campus!⁣ ⁣

Currently, Alex is a Technical Program Manager at Intel, a position where he applies project management and process improvement to facilitate and teach classes on Diversity & Inclusion and Supply Chain in the US and China.⁣ ⁣

When explaining why he chose ISYE, Alex says he got lucky. “I came in as an environmental engineer, switched major three times and found ISYE ... I love systems thinking and business, so it was a natural fit.”⁣ ⁣

Alex says the ISYE in Asia study abroad was one of his best memories here at Tech, and one of the most impactful. “That’s how I found half my senior design team and lifelong friends!”⁣ ⁣ When talking about some of the opportunities Georgia Tech has led his too, Alex talks about learning about bioethics, nanotechnology, human computer interaction, and empathic leadership. “That gave me some really cool skill sets that I now use for community consulting, supporting local governments and leading nonprofits as board member.”⁣ ⁣

In fact, Alex’s last community consulting project ended becoming an entrepreneurial co-working space! “I've made my own brand of career development workshops that take me around the country (#CMD = Chocolate milk diplomacy)... in a few months I'll hopefully have a website up so I can easily distribute out quality career help for free.”⁣ ⁣

Alex has a passion for volunteering and continues to find ways to put his mentoring talents to use... we’re proud to call him an HP Alum!⁣