HP Staff Member Wins Spirit of GT Award

Congratulations to HP Programs and Operations Manager Lauren Evans who won the Spirit of GT Award for 2022.  The award recognizes staff who inspire others with their presence and professionalism, creating an environment where others flourish and thrive. Nominees embody what it means to be a Georgia Tech employee and make the workplace better for others. 

According to Vice Provost Steven Girardot, “Lauren Evans’ contributions to our community can be seen in the way she advances and inspires the leadership growth of our Honors Program student leaders. Whether she is building the Honors Program community, welcoming and supporting the next generation of Georgia Tech students, or expressing gratitude and support to members of the community, Lauren makes Georgia Tech a better place to work and live for all. Two of her noteworthy contributions include her gratitude card-writing campaign and peer mentoring service activities. Her determination and ingenuity in surmounting all challenges to deliver the best possible Honors Program experience to our students is inspiring and worthy of the Spirit of Georgia Tech award!”