Student Challenge Fund


The Honors Program Student Challenge Fund was created to encourage students to consider service-oriented experiences, motivate attendance to academic or leadership conferences, and support innovative projects of students’ own design.

  • up to four (4) individuals will be funded each fall, spring, and summer (up to 12 total per academic year),
  • a maximum of $500 per student involved in the activity may be requested,
  • service trips, conferences, or projects must be of a secular nature, 
  • the request must be made at least two weeks in advance of the event, and
  • you must keep track of your expenses with itemized receipts that match your itemized budget request in order to be reimbursed (no exceptions).

Please click on the links below for more information about examples of experiences or projects. These examples should help you choose or design your own trip or project for submission, but it is not meant to limit your options. If you are interested in participating in a service trip/project or attending a conference, you should apply to the programs themselves. After being accepted, you can then submit a proposal to be reimbursed from the Honors Program. 


**The SCF award will fund reimbursement of approved and documented materials, supplies, or services (up to $500 per proposal) used by the student in the design or creation of qualifying innovative projects.  Approved projects must:

  1. Involve the design, creation, or performance of an invention, work of art, publishable writing, community initiative, or the like.
  2. Hold potential for significantly advancing students’ understanding, skills, or accomplishments, or students’ qualifications for winning a grant, scholarship, fellowship, or award.
  3. Be performed independently by the student or student team and not as part of any student’s coursework, co-op, internship, or employment activities or responsibilities.

Deadline for Honors Program funding proposals: rolling applications, due at least two weeks before the start of the trip/event/project.  Only four (4) projects per semester will be funded.  We will notify you if all funding for that semester has already been allocated to other projects.

Proposal submission requires an accompanying budget. Use this template to create your budget and this form to submit your proposal.